How Not to Behave in a Relationship: Detailed Guide for Men

In fact, a lot of guys have problems in communicating with girls. Not only online forums, where lots of men try to find answers to their problems, but also various schools that teach seduction are excellent proof of this. Meanwhile, relationships with women can be improved in a very simple way. I had experience with Ukrainian brides


Full length shot of attractive young woman wearing white shirt and blue jeans while posing at isolated white background.

Men tend to lose their common sense when they start dating girls. They become intrusive and very annoying. An example is a texting conversation. If a girl doesn’t respond to a message within 20 minutes, most guys send the following message…

  • This behavior can push the girl away from you. After all, it is not her responsibility to write back immediately. Especially if she’s busy. It is necessary to calm down and be patient.

Sexual Impatience

This is a striking example of perseverance. Men like to put pressure on a woman in terms of sex. 

  • Patience and tact are the keys to success. Wait until the relationship moves forward to another level. Arrogance will only push the girl away, and the relationship may end without ever starting.

A Sense of Ownership

Starting a relationship with a woman, a man begins to consider her his property. He, of course, knows better how to dress her — some want as much naked body as possible, others, on the contrary, become jealous and want to see their friend in “monastic” clothes. As you can guess, women do not like this behavior.

  • Remember how you liked her when you first met her and don’t try to turn her into another person — you won’t be able to. Hot beauty will never become a “bluestocking.”


Lots of men are so proud of their “prey” that they want to show it off to the world. Not every girl will like hugs and frequent kisses in public places. Especially if the relationship is just beginning and there is no deep connection between the partners.

  • Be sensitive and attentive in public, there are more intimate places for passions.

Lack of Ambition

Women are especially repelled by men who have no ambitions. Men who set goals in life and strive to achieve them are more attractive in the eyes of girls. 

  • Interest the girl. Tell her about your life plans, hobbies, how you see yourself in 10-20 years and what you do for this, but do not be unfounded.

Criticism of Appearance

A woman expects her partner to love her no matter what. Especially women do not like to be criticized for their appearance. No one wants to hear — “you’re fat in these jeans.”

  • A woman knows that she has gained some weight and looks different. The last thing she needs is a reminder of that. Better offer her joint training, a healthy diet, and protect her from unnecessary stress.