Awkward Situations on the First Date: How to Avoid

The first date is always an exploration, in which you need to determine whether you like the person and whether to continue a relationship with them. How to behave, how to please the interlocutor, how to prevent awkward situations? Let’s find out what can happen on the first date, and how to avoid ridiculous situations.

First, forget about the phrase “tell me about yourself”. The same applies to stories about exes. Instead, psychologists suggest asking one of these 5 questions to continue a small talk.

What Can You Say About the Restaurant/Bar/Cafe Where We Are Sitting?

At first glance, this may seem a “phony question”. However, psychologists insist that if you or your companion begin to share sincere impressions of the current moment, an emotional connection will be established between you. Try to get the other person to talk so that they don’t just say “it’s not bad here”, but tell about the atmosphere, the environment, the music, and the menu, as a result.

Does Anybody Know You’re on a Date Right Now?

The entire army of followers on social networks may be aware of this. Or a person saw fit to notify their ex-boyfriend. Or told only the closest ones. Their answer will allow you to find out their view on the initial stage of the relationship because they will most likely substantiate their option. Just do not try to conclude: “He/she did not tell anyone, so he/she is not interested in me.”

What’s the Most Ridiculous or Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Googled?

Oh, our Google searches are a whole story. Most likely, you will have fun, and the person will share something relatively intimate.

How Do You Think Your Best Friend Would Describe You?

Almost everyone likes to talk about their loved ones. Such a question will show your interest in her life, environment, but at the same time, it is quite unobtrusive. After such a question, you are provided with either a lot of funny friendly stories from a companion or disquisition about friendship. Direct the conversation the way you like.

If You Could not Work, What Would You Do?

Believe, this question is much more effective than “tell me about yourself”, which bores us all into a stupor. However, when answering it, the person will tell you about their hobbies, preferences, and lifestyle.

The main thing in any relationship is to stay yourself. Trying to comply with any image at all costs, you initially condemn yourself to either a painful breakup or a difficult relationship, which involves the need to constantly play the role of someone you’re not.